concept of girlfriend in wEST

January 3, 2007 3:47pm CST
as we all know that the concept of girl friend is badly deplited in the west? and ppl dun avoid their bad relationships dun u ppl thnk that ppl shuld revise their concpt of GF and avoid pre martial relations? as this leads to the depletion of the society? and abnormal minds and thinking of the children? ur comments plzz
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• India
17 Jan 07
if its in LIMITATIONS then its ok the thing is that ... girl friends are not really girl friends they are used and left .. thats why there's a bad concept ...
• Pakistan
18 Jan 07
i dun even agree to what u say in west the girl is almost every time misused the relation ship is not that simple!!! i think u know that tooo!!!!
• Pakistan
22 Jan 07