January 3, 2007 7:26pm CST
have you play dota allstars in warcraft 3?which hero is the best?
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• Romania
14 Jan 07
i don't think that there are such things as best hero in dota.....a hero can be great vs a certain hero but vulnerable against all depends on your style and agility...
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
yup, you've said it right. any hero can be best, it depends on the player and the items of the hero. for me, my favorite character is Kardel Sharpeye. i like the long range shot most of all.
@clickerz (472)
• Philippines
5 Jan 07
Im trying to install this but i cant make it run what is missing? where i can download the the warcraft 3?
• Canada
22 Mar 07
I don't think you can download warcraft 3, you'll have to buy the game.
• Indonesia
4 Jan 07
in my town DOTA is well known, but i dont ever play this game ^^. is this game great !?
• Malaysia
5 Jan 07
you must try sure you'll love it.
• Pakistan
28 Jun 07
well i have played a little dota... i like the soul keeper (dunno its exact name) but i really like him, the way he increases his damage upon every kill and uses the souls to his power etc. i dont really remember other heroes its been a while since i played dota
@scaunel (71)
• Romania
9 Feb 07
There is not "a best hero" , but in my opinion Slardar can beat anyone if you know how to play with him and what item build to use.Every hero has his/her advantage and disadvantage, but you can always try playing with intel heroes for short game ..they usually rule in short game, but in late game Agi and Str heroes beat the c**p out of you.If u wanna start playing DotA try starting with a Ranged hero, much easier to control than a closed range one , try an intel hero like Lina, Lion , Lich King , Tinker etc.
@bandronic (171)
• Romania
4 Jan 07
I have never played dota but I've played Battle.Net