Einsteins theory is correcr or wrong ???

January 3, 2007 9:56pm CST
According to him energy can neither be created nor destroyed.But it can be converted from one form to another with out any gain or loss.If this theory is correct,then How Sre Satya sai Babha creates ornaments and Viboodhi from air.
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@xiongqh (792)
• Hong Kong
4 Jan 07
Actually, I don't know it is corrent or incorrect. the theory of Einsteins is diffcult to understand, I learn it when I am in the high school, sometimes I got high score, but I don;t like it , though it is important to human being. In future, it will be clear by people.
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@froogle (776)
4 Jan 07
oh. dont compare sai baba with physics. saibaba does tricks, not magic. once a magician went to meet saibaba. he gave the magician a lingam from his hand. the magician in turn returned a big apple from his hand suddenly. it is trick
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@lakheysub (847)
• India
13 Jan 07
i have seen energy converted from one form to another but have never seen ornaments and vibooodhi from air.whenever i will see it then only decide about it.till then i think that einstein's theory is correct!!
@mcarps79 (1262)
• Uganda
4 Jan 07
I think Sri satya sai baba can anser ur question well. Theory can not be wrong and air is also part of gr8 energy and can be converted to any thing.