the strategy that muslims can take to ensure muslim victory against the usa !

@andygogo (1579)
January 3, 2007 11:55pm CST
In just a few words, there is a strategy that Muslim forces can take to defeat the Americans. Today the USA has 160,000 troops in Iraq alone and they are very short of reserves to send to fight in Iraq. Given these circumstances, it is best for the Muslim forces that are fighting the Americans to split into three armies.One to create havoc in Saudi Arabia, another to create havoc in Kuwait and the third to fight in Iraq. This will call for the dispersion of American resources and troops on the ground. For the muslim forces, they need only a very dedicated small guerrilla force but for the Americans with the likely defeat of Saudi Arabia they will need to ensure success and that will draw American forces into Saudi Arabia in force. This will splinter American forces and make them valnerable to attacks !
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• Singapore
4 Jan 07
First thing i do is i will send someone to kill u first...cos you are spreading the war across the region and the world. You think war is a game?