Regime Change in the USA!

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January 4, 2007 12:20am CST
The case for regime change in the USA By Judah Ben-Hur Al-Jazeerah, April 22, 2004 "Strange times are those in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool" - Plato "And those who perform jihad for us, we shall certainly guide them in our ways, and God is surely with the doers of good." (Quran XXXIX; 69) "You have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad." (Hadith) To all who read and understand: it is time to take the next step in understanding. After careful and meticulous research, including access to files and data guarded by the United States Government, I have uncovered information that has been written about, talked about, read about, and in many cases silenced to protect and to confuse those who wish to uncover its not so guarded secrets. Careful and planned exposure of this information seems to be the only way to begin the process of enlightenment of not just the American people but all peoples of this planet who are considered common men and women. We cannot blame the "United States Government" for our woes, but ourselves for allowing our own Constitution to manipulate and control not just us but others in its path towards imperial rule, which by the way was why some people left England to come to the Americas to rid themselves of that tyranny. True democracy does not impede growth or dominate others. It was established to be a beacon for those who wish to call on its existence and only that. We do not have the right to impose democracy on nations or peoples who do not truly ask for it. The United States in its own right is imposing pseudo-democratic policies through crafty methods - controlling without regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Regime change within the United States should be seriously considered. Fact: the United States has in its possession weapons of mass destruction, so why does not the United Nations impose restrictions against the United States? Fear is the reason why no nation or individual will want to go up against this Goliath! Well I have a small stone, I know where to throw it, and if I have to by myself so be it. The fact that Thomas Jefferson who co-authored the now infamous doctrine of democracy himself was an advocate of slaves. Hypocrisy runs through the veins of the elite American people who control the destinies and lives of so many people. What we all must learn is that the power in change is in the people that make up the majority of the civilized and so-called uncivilized world. What gives this small group of people their control over us is the fact that they know we all will not collectively give up our lives to get back control of the government and rid ourselves of the self-serving politicians and business executives that control what we eat, where we sleep, who to like and not like, what to read, what to write, how to dress, how and who to love, who to hate, what race is superior, who gets education, who not, where to travel, who lives, who dies, who eats, who does not eat, who gets elected in office, who does not get elected, who is popular and who is not, who is "in" who is not, what clothes to wear, what not, what movie or music star is in, which one is not, who to disrespect who to not, who to be prejudice to and who to not, what freedoms we have and have not, who gets destroyed, who not, who must accept the "way" and who not, who goes to prison, and who not, and the list goes on into infinity. Remember that in the Constitution it does allow for bloodless regime change within the government as long as we stand together and collectively vote for our freedoms back. Rid ourselves of the electoral college and other manipulative organizations that are self-serving their own agendas at the expense, hard work and lives of so many innocent and misguided people that are here within the borders of despair. The French Government should formally request that the Statue of Liberty be returned to France. We all know what it was for. The United States has over many years systematically infiltrated other nations to "weed" out the non-conformers to the so-called Democratic process and replace those with the showroom dummies of democracy. Granted, the United States has some freedom of movement for its people but not the way it was originally intended. Look at Africa, South America, and parts of Europe, Asia and other nations that are sucking the teat of the cow and its sour milk. Collectively, we the people of the world should stand up and be counted on to rid ourselves of individuals who are ignorant of their own ignorance and replace this Constitution with one that includes all religions, all peoples, all races, all nations and all who feel left out and want to be what they want to be without the constraints of prejudice and restrictive law. Not to run lawless but have the right to be an individual and collectively correct this turmoil we are in. The Earth is trying to warn us that we are spinning out of control and that we need to correct ourselves soon or the earth will rid itself of this infection and parasite called mankind that is slowly destroying its primary intent to allow its inhabitants the freedom to live be fruitful and multiply to the extent of finding a way to leave this planet and journey to others and spread some sort of reason rather than an infectious spore. I am a physicist and a patriot who, through years of being silent, had almost forgotten my obligations. It is high time I and others like me use our intellect and technology to stand up against an oppressor and rid ourselves of this infection. We are a legion that wants to live a life of peace and respect for all living things and have considerations for those who are different and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding. We do not need your help just your patience and understanding of what we are about. We are America's best-kept secret that just got out of the "keep". Judah Ben-Hur, Physicist, Gaiacomm Corporation ---- A president and physicist of a Californian technologies company dips into journalism to make his case for a more transparent United States of America.
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