Condemn Bush

@andygogo (1579)
January 4, 2007 12:22am CST
RE: The whole human being are humiliated His Bush is torturing not only the Iraqis,but also the whole human beings on this planet. After the Word War II,we have thought that barbarities may no longer occurs within the civilized nations,since the Word War II had given us so much treacherous lessons. But the occupation and the vilenesses that the American committed are warning us not to think in that way any more. The American vilenesses relect his blind arrogance and give me more meditation on the civilization of our human being. Man can win anything, but can not win himself. Man may not be defeated by anyone, but may be defeated by himself. More and more people are worrying that we human being are surely to be distroyed by ourselves. Now the American think their civilization have been upmost developed. But the American can be immoral to the other nations for the sake of oil regardless their civilizations, then how can they assure that they will not be even more wicked to their own people for the sake of some higher interests someday? The American vilenesses in the Middle East remind us Chinese of our own civilization and ideology. We must develop and improve our owns. We can not expect those, who declare their civilization and ideology is the best, to guard the world and to guide the spirit of our human being. Humanity can not be depended upon such nations' civilization and their promise, but must be depended on our own. We and other nations are humiliated by the American occupation and vilenesses in the Middle East.
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