Britney is now ugly

January 4, 2007 12:28am CST
I am an avid fan of Britney then.. But now, probably not, she got less charisma today.. not because she has 2 children.. She did divorce again
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@mnksmommy (302)
• United States
26 Feb 07
Apparently many people are still into her--the paparazzi continues to hound her. I am her age and have two kids and I don't think I am less charismatic because of it. In fact I think having kids can improve your personality--it made me more outgoing. Britney still has it--she is a young Madonna.
@doccolin (179)
• Romania
26 Feb 07
i think i might agree with you, she did change a lot so i knind of do not like her the way i used to
• Italy
7 Jan 07
Well maybe you're right. You can have children and still be top! Anyway in my opinion Britney isn't interested now in being a popstar or an idol for teenagers, she just doesn't care and lives her life.
@Dedy_6 (22)
• Romania
7 Jan 07
I think Britney will always be very nice...
@luvgold (264)
• Indonesia
5 Jan 07
Britney now very very ugly, many people say that she look not natural again , when she good again?
@lafavorito (2960)
• Philippines
4 Jan 07
Britney's face matured, but it's ok she's already in her early twenties. I agree with the charisma, she must reinvent herself if she wants to get back into being a pop superstar, her songs are for teens but she's not a teen anymore. As for the divorce, that's her own choice after all her ex-hubby wasn't good enough for her all he cared about is her money.