Computer addiction?

United States
January 4, 2007 5:16am CST
Hey there, I think I have computer addiction but then again what's so bad about going to your page and making money while you are online. The internet is a great way to meet old friends and new ones, a place where you can be discoved, vote for you favorite album, listen to any kind of music you want and watch funny videos. The internet is a place where someone can learn something new but there's some bad that comes with the terrortory, like spam, virus, spyware, malware, bad cookies, intruders, trojans, hackers and all that stuff. You got to be very careful on what you put out on the web becuase if you are not protected, then you'll probably be sorry. Anyways look for the greatest protection software to cover all these aspects I just mentioned. A good place is They have all sorts of good security software for your computer. Since we are online now more than ever, I was wondering who else here thinks they are addicted. I think I am but it hasnt effected anything in my life. I just stay up pretty late at night surfing the web. What do you guys think?
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