do u like to live in town or village?

January 4, 2007 7:24am CST
A village, some of u never experienced. It may be far away frm yr thoughts .Because yr parents give birth to u in a city, u grown in a city,ur education is in city, u find yr partner frm city and for u everything is city. but i experienced both.Bcause i was in village but now in a town. here in town everything is fast. sound polution, air polution, no threes, no fresh water, but i feel everything artificial. i used to think about villages. enough trees, fresh air and water instead of swimming pools beautiful u lke yr village? or u like the life in town?
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• India
24 Jan 07
i would definitely love to live in a city or a town but not in a village. life there is very slow and simple.
4 Jan 07
i was born and grew up in small village,although not far from education was in town and then big i just cant imagine life back in village-its ok to visit for a long weekend but not to have a life there.nothing is happening in the village,no choice for shopping not to mention late night shopping.and fresh air and lots of space-well,u can always escape for a weekend as i said earlier