a 5mb hard disk in 1956,what do you say when seeing it?

@gexi1987 (329)
January 4, 2007 8:09am CST
it is the hard disk for IBM 305 RAMAC which is the first computer with inner hard disk in 1956.when seeing this i was actually shocked by what happened during the past 50 years.the amazing development of technology brings us not only convenience but also miracle.what do you think when imagine that the hard disk half a century ago with the same capacity of yours nowaday may as big as a edifice?i am so thankful to those talented engineers and scientists who turn impossible to possible,and make continuous effort to built a more colourful world.
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@gigarange (1165)
• United States
4 Jan 07
I would be very amaze to see that. I have not really seen that one but having that thought that it was built long ago and that it all started this wonderful lifestyle we are enjoying brings awesome feeling. Thanks to those brilliant engineers and scientist!
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@gexi1987 (329)
• China
4 Jan 07
i am glad you like it,lily,yes today our awesome lifestyle due to many gifted people.if it were not for them,we may have to work longer and have less thing to entertain with.