digging and scratching cat

January 4, 2007 12:37pm CST
Since putting the wood stove on my cat has done nothing but dig and scratch. I have fur all over my rugs and floors. I thought it may be fleas but she's an indoor cat. I'm kind of leaning toward maybe very dry skin. She isn't sick and she eats and drinks normally. Can you give me an idea of what it may be.
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4 Jan 07
Sounds as if your cat is getting some sort of dermatitis. I would give your vet a call and ask their opinion because continued dermatitis can lead to other problems done the road like your cat pulling their fur out because of the skin irritation.
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@Bee1955 (3884)
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12 Jan 07
Keep a constant pan of water on the stove or get a cool mist humidifier for that room whenwever the stove is on. I had the same problem with mine and it works. You need moisture in that dry air and her skin must be killing her. Best for yours, too.
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15 Jan 07
Wood stoves are very drying and she probably is just reacting to the difference in the atmosphere, but you might also want to consider how different the temperature is inside with the new stove. My cat was a stray before we adopted her and for the first month she was inside, she was shedding like there was no tomorrow. She had developed a sort of underlayer of fur to help protect her against the outside temperatures and took some time to adjust to the indoor temperatures. We dealt with this by brushing her as much as she would stand for. It helped a lot, but I would still suggest taking your cat to the vet just to make sure she doesn't have fleas.