United States
January 4, 2007 1:35pm CST
here's one thing I've never ever been able to understand and I would love to hear from both women and men I would like their take on this.... So here goes: Why do people cheat on their significant others if they know it's wrong, wouldn't want it done to them, don't want to get caught, and know the other person would be hurt and possibly leave them. Why risk it, why if you want to cheat, why not just be single and date who ever you want and sleep with who ever you want rather than having someone on the side also, what's the point? I'm talking from past personal experience and I'm pretty sure everyone else has probably been through it too.
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4 Jan 07
I know what you mean -- I don't get it either... I mean, there are some people happy to enter into a relationship, knowing that they won't be faithful to eachother, and yet they're completly happy with that... But what about the rest of us who just get stuck in this pitfall, get cheated on...? I mean, I'm not a suspicious person, so when my boyfriend SAID he was going out with the lads, I believed him...and when he said he was stuck in the office, I thought he was STUCK IN THE OFFICE...but obviously, I'm just a stupid little kid, as I've been told... Well SORRY for trusting people!
• United States
4 Jan 07
is that what happened to you, do you still trust in people?
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@bayuokto (223)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 07
if you been cheating by someone what is hurt? that is a question which need answer? the point is don't ever cheating to someone if you didn't want to be cheated
• India
4 Jan 07
yes it causes too much pain and the people gets cheated suffers a lot ..i agree with completely
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@yoleis27 (557)
• Israel
4 Jan 07
I really can't understand that eather... If you love someone you just don't want to heart him! Cheating is really an ugly did... I someone would cheat me I would just dump him right away, with all the pain in loving that person.
@firdaus (685)
• Malaysia
4 Jan 07
hmmm.. cheater is everywhere in this world... we must be careful.. even our frind can cheat us...