i want you.. yes you..

January 4, 2007 2:05pm CST
i want someone to read this.. our world, apparently, has turned into a monster.. kiddin.. hey, can we all make a difference? they always call for a difference.. chud it be this way? can we unite for a coomon good/goal? evrybody's been calling for a difference. y dont we unite for a purpose? a good purpose? a purpose for evryone to know..
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@UNPINOY (361)
• Philippines
4 Nov 07
yours is one great thought. unite for a common cause instead of making a difference. i am one with on this. but the next issue is what is the common cause. the diversity in people's personalities, culture, beliefs and religion or non-religion, upbringing, among others....complicate our way to a common cause. i believe one common cause is achieving a peaceful life, meaning free from hunger and danger or threats. but then, people by nature or by some force within themselves, would go different directions to achieving this particular goal. many times going to the extreme of killing to achieve their own kind of peace. but i remain in the hope that someday soon bridging the gap amongst people will be a realized dream. that is why people try to make a difference as this this the only way they see easier to be noticed and get their statements read and heard. bu then again, people who make the difference forget many times the goals they started. they themselves are guilty of reverting back to old ways and consequently nullifying the achievements previously accomplished. at this point, i would say, that people are innately good, we all have to inwardly, and in all simplicity ask ourselves, what goodness do i want achieved?, how do i fulfill it? will it benefit all? and how do i sustain and nourish it? we should try to achieving a certain level of constancy in our lives.