gangs are they cowards?

January 4, 2007 2:39pm CST
think of it most of gangs go round now in ground of 10 or above but them if there on there own they would probably not sat athing. like this kid i always used to see in a gangs when he was with all his m8's he would shout abuse and chase me, but when i confronted him when he was on his own he would always be scared and say it wasnt him and his friend made him do it. these have happened a couple of time when i see a kid on his own and said something when he was with his m8's. wat do you rekon are they cowards?
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• Philippines
4 Feb 07
What do you get from a gang but 'all pain and no gain'. It's still better safe than sorry.
@SplitZip (1490)
• Portugal
4 Jan 07
It's called "strength through numbers" :P