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January 4, 2007 2:41pm CST unfortunately im too late in posting this in time for christmas. but if you need the perfect gift for someone, and havnt got a clue what to get them this is great! it's a site where you can buy gifts that benefit others not so well off in our world. for example for £25.00 10 babies of rural africa and india can be born safely because with that money you've supplied access to a good midwife. this is perfect for people like my dad who when you bug n bug him about what he wants for his birthday, he just sys 'oh you don't have to get me anything!'. the person will get a card that can be a birthday car or whatever, as a sort of certificate of the gift. this is a uk site, im not sure if they can deal with international customers but i'm there are other sites out there so do look around.
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• Canada
4 Jan 07
Maybe too late for Christmas, but people do celebrate birthday, anniversaries and other things throughout the year.