@kathy77 (7487)
January 4, 2007 3:06pm CST
I am wondering if anyone here has tried chiropractise?? as I have a very bad back and wondering if this could help so please let me know and do not just put one line.
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• Australia
5 Jan 07
Hi Kathy. I attend a chiropractor, but mine specialises in sacro-occipital chiropractics. Years ago, doctors warned against all chiropractors, but possibly as you've found, many doctors now recommend them. My advice is that you check their qualifications and ensure they are members of The Chiropractor's Association. Some chiropractors practice manipulation which can (but not necessarily, of course) do more harm than good, depending on the circumstances. A Sacro-occipital chiropractor uses your own body weight to align the spine and to correct faults. I think the basic idea is that the sacro area (lower back) and the occipital area (head) are connected by nerves etc and massage of points in the occipital area relieve the problem in the sacro area. It certainly works for me. I have recommended mine to others and he has helped some but has told others their problem is out of his field, so at least he is honest. I would recommend a sacro-occipital chiropractor first, but again with the proviso that you check his registration with The Chiropractor's Association. Hope you find relief for your back!
• India
5 Jan 07
Hi, I am facing this word first time.
@missytia (387)
• Australia
4 Jan 07
Hi Kathy77 I go to a chiropractor once a month. I suffer with arthritis and because I don't walk properly, my back is often out of alignment. He also manipulates my other joints that are affected by the arthritis and this is to get some mobility into my joints. Seeing a chiropractor couldn't hurt. If your back has been out of alignment for a long time, your back muscles may be sore for a while as they are getting used to where it's meant to be. Hope this helps.
@apostrofy (661)
• Romania
4 Jan 07
i'm sorry to hear u have back problems. i also have some back problems and i know it's very unpleasent. about 3-4 years ago i went to the openng of a new center, nothing related with back problems but a specialist was attending the opening. i was amazed by him. he stated that depending on the person the person's problem, even the colors we use to dress affect us. i tryed to wear for a few days the colors he advised me, and amazingly i felt better. i didn't continue to do that though coz those colors don't represent me. he also touched my back and the back of my neck and without telling him, he told me i had back problems. it's not hard to guess u can say and u'r right, but he gently pressed some parts of my back and massaged them a little and it felt so good. i felt like a baby. if the person knows what he's doing he can do wonders wish u get better