What three things would you take with you?

@Sawsen (795)
United States
January 4, 2007 7:37pm CST
We had an assignment in my creative writing class, and I thought it would be an interesting question to ask all of you. If you had to take three things for the future, and put them in a time capsule, what three things would you take and why. I wrote that I would take my phone book, to see if I could still get in touch with people. The second thing that I would take is my diary, to remember all the things in the past. And the last thing I would take is my toothpaste, because you can never go too long without toothpaste!
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• United States
5 Jan 07
It is not easy for me to make up my mind about what I would put in my time capsule. When I was in elementary school, everyone in my class got to put something of themselves in our time capsule, and we buried it on the school grounds. I do not know what happened to it, and I cannot even remember what I put inside of it. But now, I think that I would put an album of photos that describe my life and the people in it, I would write letters for future generations to find, and I would put an item of rare value, that I have collected over the years, perhaps, the person who finds it would become a rich person.
@Akeela (2079)
• Trinidad And Tobago
5 Jan 07
My pillow, deoderant, and sanitary napkins.
@ssh123 (31096)
• India
5 Jan 07
I would like to take Goodwill of the people because it would protect me, secondly I would like to take kindness with me, because it may be required and thirdly I would like to take honesty with me because it is rare.