would you go on a timeshare tour?

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January 5, 2007 1:25am CST
why or why not?
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23 Feb 08
Oh yes and specifically I'd say Marriotts 3 day inspection tours. Or any that are offered to you in sales as cheap for you as long as you go for the insight into how timeshare works and if it is right for you at the end of your trip. But their are rules I want to share with you all if you haven't thought of them already. Let's assume you just want the cheap or freebie week or 3 days inspection with no intention to buy anyway. Firstly you have to attend by appointment during your stay a hour and a half presentation as part of the inspection. So fine, that's ok but ensure you know where the presentation is and that after it ends you can take yourself back to your apartment if the presentation is off site, don't simply trust they will bring you back. Take no funding, cheque book or credit cards. Speak clearly and state at the end of the 1 1/2 hours,that you are not interested and are leaving then actually do leave with no apologies. Do not leave an open credit card tab at the resorts reception or bars. If you need to leave a card detail with reception then ensure you don't have an unlimited credit. You can get cards now that you charge up with cash to a value and that is all that can be spent. Do enjoy your holiday and at any other time except that 1 1/2 hours do not take any sales pitches or interacion on any marketing level or any tactic they may employ. Just say ''my presentation is on thursday- see me there.'' or ''I've had my presentation and you are intimidating me, I feel stalked(go as far as you feel comfortable) and will speak to your management/ or go for police!!! (depends on the pressure you might get) but pressure like that is a bad company you dont want to join. Again I''l remind you of the top line. Marriott was one but reputation means a lot like good is Sheraton, four seasons, seasons and many more. I won't mention my own, it's fantastic in Africa but I'm not selling, I'm a happy user of timeshare. So say you wanna buy one just to use as an exchange with dialanexchange.com, redweeks or maybe the staples ii or rci then you could do worse than buy off ebay!! or timesharehypermarket.com - no i'm not selling these companies to you!!! If you want to buy from a developer then realise this is the most expensive way but i'm happy now I own three developer weeks- it works for me. Note though Marriott holds it's resale value whereas most don't. So never believe you buy in for financial gain. You buy in to get holidays out and expect to cut your losses when you want to opt out, ie sell or give it away. Costs break even period is usually 5 to 7 years at developer costs. That's comparing package like for like to timeshare. I have been timesharing since '94 and a week for me including all spending money/gifts/ flights/all in - costs about £640 per person. We travel to full kitchens in 5 star villas, often beach resorts. We don't do hotel rooms and have loads of space and top facilities. We stay in one to three bedroom places sleeping 4 or 6 or 8 is the biggest i've seen. Looking at the package brochures you will not be getting 5 star facilities, beachfront, all spending monies included for £640 - I am including my buy in costs at the start. Now my figures don't work for Marriot as I believe a week buy in is about £18,000 99 year lease. So three times the price of my place in the sun. Am I boring you? Anyway, I love it but as you see above, keep to rules and only do or spend what you wanted to on an inspection tour
@jbrooks0127 (2326)
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30 Sep 07
Of course! My wife and I took advantage of three of these and I regret to say bought all three. As long as you can say NO it is a great deal. But don't expect it to be easy. These people could sell you on the devil and will tell you anything you want to hear. It sounds great...your buying a piece of property in the location you would love to visit once a year. Compared to your house the cost is small and once paid off it's yours for life and can be passed to your children. The resort is always fantastic. Problem is that you do have to pay it off and something they mention but seems of no importance is the maintenance fees. Once a year this hits you and year after year will grow. It used to be that you were stuck with that one week a year at that location. Now there are exchange companies, like RCI, that will let you exchange your week for points. You can then use these points for any other resort in the world that works with RCI or even a cruise, if available. That one feature sold us three times. Never, ever buy from the company trying to sell you. Listen to their speech, say thank you, and if you like the place go home and look up ‘timeshare resales’ and you may be able to get that same resort for a fraction of the original price.
@kgwat70 (13394)
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15 Jul 07
I absolutely would go on a timeshare tour as you are not committed to buying anything and get a free tour is always nice. My parents are timeshare owners and have gone on several vacations with them and enjoyed the places we stayed at. I think it is definitely worth it, especially if you can afford it and love to travel. I love traveling and seeing other places so I would definitely do a tour.
@lpetges (3036)
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7 Jul 07
oh sure,. they give you stuff for free. i always go if i have the time. and i always so no thank you! if you are interested in buying one, never buy from the resort you are visiting. just go to myresort.com and they have many used ones that people are trying to get rid of! for thousands less...or even ebay.