taiwan issue can be solved very easy

@andygogo (1579)
January 5, 2007 8:02am CST
The Taiwan issue can be solved very eaisly and although it may take the aggressive behavior of potential enemies like Japan, Korea, Russia, Indonesia and the Turkic nations to make the Chinese (of China and Taiwana) realize that some type of political system that is ACCOMODATING may be the solution. Of course sometimes we recognize solutions before it is too late. However in today's world which group of people or religious-political ideology has declared that they will take over the planet and make sure everyone is of one religion and every woman wears a chador. Think about it. As many have said before, the Eastern portion of the Old Roman and Ethiopian Empire (Morocco to Egypt, Arabia to Pakistan and Iran) is the part of the world who believes in a fanatical manner that 'DESCENDENTS OF CANAAN' (some Africans, Chinese, Pakistanis, East Indians, SE Asians, Black Melanesians, S Pacific Islanders, Japanese, Philipinos, others (carriers of the African 'Cde' gene) ARE TO BE FORCIBLY 'CHRISTIANIZED' OR 'ISLAMIZED.' That policy is what led to the Arabs religion being dominant in Indonesia, parts of the Turkic (Mongoloid nations like Turkmanistan and others - who are considered descendents of Canaan's Black son by the name of Heth (as in Hittite and Chatty, Cathay). To many ultrareligionists, that population has to be 'Islamized' or Christianized and wether it is missionaries bearing gifts (THE Scheme in Africa, or people invading others' lands and imposing their religion and culture by violation and brutality (Sudan, ect..), ASIA IS GOING TO FEEL THIS VERY TREND. So, while the rest of the world is getting away from the RIGID MARXIST-COMMUNIST MODEL OR THE RIGID (CAPITALIST-VERY CORPORATIST MODEL), those who are religious fanatics continue to aspire for world domination. So, in regards to Taiwan and China, eventually the differences in 'systems' will look rather insignificcant when they realize that A BIGGER AGENDA FROM THE RELIGIOUS FANATICS AND RELIGIOUS IMPERIALISTS is underway and those of us declared 'DESCENDENTS OF CANAAN' ARE TARGETED FOR FORCED CONVERSION JUST AS WAS THE CASE DURING THE 1800'S. When one looks at the differences in political ideology between China and Taiwan TODAY (NOT FIFTY YEARS AGO), one sees the same type of development of understanding that EAST GERMANY AND WEST GERMANY HAD AFTER YEARS OF ANTAGONISMS. So, perhaps one day the Chinese and Taiwanese will have a sort of 'Federal system' and DEVELOP A 'WIN-WIN' situation for both sides. Sometimes, the solution to many problems are DEEP IN OUR OWN CULTURE....SOUTH AFRICA IS ONE SUCH EXAMPLE. After 300 years of aparthied, the Zulu-Xhosa-Kong manner of governance, autonomy and unity was applied. Imagine 'Truth and Reconciliation' system was applied. The 'Nduna' (the Elders contributions..the representives contributions..was applied). Botswana implemented the same 'traditional' (modernized) version to make sure the nation keeps its culture but move ahead in the modern world by applying systems that have worked for thousands of years. There is no doubt that in Chinese culture, there is a system of compromise and reconciliation that can be applied in the case of China and Taiwan. One problem is that if China has to look at the 'Patriarchal' systems that developed with the infiltration of the 'Chou' people (1100 B.C.), it may not be found. However, if the ancient Shang and Shia system is studied, one will find some shocking revelations. 1. The Shang and Shia were a combination of Negroid and Southern Mongoloid cultures that APPLIED THE 'MATRILINEAL-PATRIARCHAL' system of Governance and culture ( SEE 'Susu Economics," puby http://www.AuthorHouse.com 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, Indiana 47403 USA, also see http://sexhistorynsoul.proboards102.com ) Societies based on the matrilineal/patriarchal systems are the ones who began global civilization BECAUSE THEY ESTABLISHED SEDENTARY LIVING AND WOMEN, GIRLS AND OLD PEOPLE WERE NOT SEEN AS A BURDEN. Hence, men had more time to organize their systems of defense, build cities and develop agriculture because they did not have to move from place to place ( see Cheikh Antah Diop, "Civilization or Barbarism,") On the other hand, when the Chou invaded China from the North, they introduced 'Patrilineal-patriarchal system to China and allowed the established system of civilization to continue (unlike the partiarchal barbarians from Europe who totally destroyed Roman civilization and witnessed 1000 years of the DARK AGES. The people who removed Southern Spain and Southern Europe/Italy from the Dark ages were Black Moors in Spain and Arab/Black Moors in Italy/Scicily and Turkic/Mulism Slavs/Arabs in the Balkans. These were patriarchal/matrilineal systems. MOORISH PARADIGM http://www.mu-atlantis.com So, perhaps the solution to the Taiwan/China disagreement may be found in China's experiences with the ancient Southern/Matrilineal/Patriarchal system of culture, verses the Northern/Patrilineal/Patriarchal system that was introduced by the Chou invaders. CHINESE DESCENDENTS OF HAM'S BLACK SON 'CHANHAN' (CANAAN), AND GRANDSONS 'SIN' AND 'HETH"? http://www.soundchristian.com/men ANCIENT AUSTRICS/NEGROIDS OF SOUTHERN CHINA. DID A RISING OF THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS LED TO THEIR MIGRATION TO THE OFF SHORE ISLANDS (INCLUDING HAWAII), MELANESIA? http://members.tripod.com/pointingbird/lostfeatherintl/id59.htm http://blackmalepower.proboards106.com (INFORMATION IS POWER, IGNORANCE IS DANGEROUS) HISTORY TIMELINE http://community.webtv.net/nubianem
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