War is not unlikely

@andygogo (1579)
January 5, 2007 8:24am CST
When Mao Zedung was whipping Chiang Kaishek's 8 million strong army, the US stood by. Helpless. Although the US is the only superpower now, it does not mean it dares to fight China at a place near China's mainland. A prolonged war far away from the US mainland can drain the US to a weakling status. Do you know the US was a cry baby in the Vietnam quagmire that lasted 10+/- years? US intervention in the Taiwan Strait could lead to all-out nuclear war as well. General Zhu made it clear that China's warships and airplanes if attacked would mean the US attacks China proper. Will the US risk all-out nuclear war and get itself bombed to a "no name" power? The existing status quo of "no war" and "no unification" is transitional only. When China decides enough is enough, China will call the US bluff. Personally I don't think it is in the too-distant future.
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