why the authorities of taiwan reject the offers of panada

@andygogo (1579)
January 5, 2007 8:30am CST
It is very pity that the authorities of taiwan reject the gift of the mainland.Many people who commit themselves to the reunification of the coutry feel very angry about it. An expert thought that by putting their self-interests above public welfare, the DPP will further erode people's support for them.I dont agree with what the expert said.Firstly,since the central government decided to offer the panda as a gift to the people of taiwan, the medias from the central to the local gives more attention about the choosing of panadas , the naming of panadas and so on which lead to the strong atmosphere of a propaganda ploy. secondly, as a party for the independence of taiwan, the DDP is very normal to regard the gift as the propaganda ploy. If the DDP accept the gift of the mailand, they would be thrown over by the people who support the independence of taiwan.That is to say they will abandon the concept the independence.SO whether the DPP accept the gift becomes a political question. what theDPP do now is welcomed by the people for the independence so that consolidate the government of the DDP.
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9 Feb 07
Chen shui bian is a very bad man.He hate that poeple in taiwan and mainland go well with each other.