People Don't know much about this guy

@farkid (84)
January 5, 2007 9:03am CST
He is one of the best Rock Stars with good and inspirational lyrix. My favorite song from him is Dont Give Up. Mylot members dont give up!!Don't Give Up All our dreams are gone With a loss of faith We're still hanging on For another day It's so hard to see That it's going to get better And when will that be It's hard to say We must believe That if we give we will receive Yes we must believe That it's going to get better Don't give up Never give up We won't stop giving Giving all we got Now we're breaking away From what holds us down This could be the day That brings out the light Now we're marching on With the will of never giving up This time we'll have won With out a fight We must believeā€¦ Don't give up Never give up We won't stop Giving all we got Forgive and forget don't hold on to the bitterness Filled with regrets we don't wanna go there again The glass is half full so lets get it on with togetherness And our number will grow we will prevail in the end
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