can this earth survive if............

@zah_13 (124)
September 30, 2006 4:36am CST
we all depend on computers mostly now a days, there is no field where its long hands hasnt reached , so what will happen if all the computers in the world go sick in same day and they cant be repaired, can we still make up or will it be the end of mankind. are u capable of answering the question , write down your ideas
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@unnigec (246)
• India
30 Sep 06
man has survived and progressed this far because of his inteligence. There have been many challenges that have been over come by his actions, challenges that were thought to bring about the end of mankind. Moreover humans have survived with out computers for age and its only in a few decades tha man have started using computers. So there will be a small problem with that computers going down bt eventually man will adjust with the new situation.