How to differentiate between friendship and love?

January 5, 2007 10:01am CST
I am sure many guys would have asked themselves this question. When a guy starts to believe that a girl is loving him, something will happen to prove that she is just considering him as a friend, but the activities of that girl will be like as if she is loving him. Despite the girl's activities, when the guy says to himself or rather consoles himself saying "oh, it's ok, she is looking me just as a friend," something again will happen to make him believe that this girl is loving him. This waxing and waning situation, that the guy being pulled into believing that she loves him and not loves him, will go on forever until the girl gets married or until the guy decides to marry someone. If this has not happened in your life, you might have surely seen this in your friend's life. I won't say this happens only to guys, but it very rarely happens to girls. So, any suggestions or tips for guys or girls to find the difference between friendship and love?
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