To all ladies out there - Is it better to experience love a married man or...

@kahheng (281)
January 5, 2007 10:47am CST
Yes, I am quite curious on this matter.. If you are lonely and single and hungry for love, would you enter into a relationship with a married man to experience love or prohibit yourself from this act with hope that an available man would come by one day, even though age is catching up with you and your chance of the later experince deems as each day passes?.. Pls share your thoughts..
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21 Jan 07
No... definited NO. i sometimes feel it is out of desperation that some women would go for married men. why get yourself into the mess when u know he is already married and there is a high possibility the relationship would end no where. not thinking... i know there are cases where the woman did not know... until they are well into the relationship. besides, if he can cheat on his wife... wouldn't he cheat on you??? if i m in such a situation, i would feel so insecure... dun u think?
@asimo603 (1366)
• Malaysia
2 Feb 07
I have the same opinion as yours chingyieng, I will not let myself involve with a married man even my age is catching up. You are right,if this married man can cheat on his wife to be with you, there is a high possibility that he will cheat on you too. I have seen a few cases that happened among my friends and relatives.
• Canada
5 Jan 07
Irregardless of my age or how much I might wish to be in a relationship, I would never start up a relationship with a married man. He is committed to someone (or he should be, even if he needs to be reminded of it!) and that's enough to take him off the market.
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@kahheng (281)
5 Jan 07
How true you are.. but then there are those women who prefers married men.. and they would poach for them married men.. Us men cannot deny that not many of us can resist attractive women's charm... Yes, we are equally guily, but what can we do.. we are stong in some areas but yet weak in others..