Love Story

United States
January 5, 2007 11:24am CST
A Guy Had Cancer & He Had Only 1 Month To Live.He Liked A Girl Who Working In Cd Shop, But He Didn't Tell Her About His Love. Everyday He Used 2 Go 2 The Shop & Buy A cd 2 Talk 2 Her. After A Month He Died.When The Girl Went His Home & Asked About Him, His Mother Told He Died And Took Her 2 His Room & She Saw All The Cds Unopened & The Girl Started Crying .U Know Why? She Kept Chits(notes) Inside The Cd 2 Let Him Know how much she love him......... ......... ......... ........
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@104090 (470)
• India
5 Jan 07
What a pity. If the boy had opened the birth day cards ....... Life is so sarcastic some time. But why the kept immmm and the girl also kept quiet alas
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• United States
5 Jan 07
those were cd's
@simran1430 (1793)
• India
28 Jan 07
It was a normal Friday a few weeks back. I was driving to pick up some CD's that were being duplicated in town. Nothing out of the ordinary, when I realized that the car in front of me had stopped in the middle of the road, without indicating she was turning left. I had about ten feet to go; I was going 60 km/hr (35 mph) with nowhere to go, having cars in the incoming lane, and one right beside me in the right-hand lane as well. It all took a matter of one second, but amazingly enough everything slowed to a standstill in my mind. As I braced for the crash, everything went through my mind. I was alone in the car, thank goodness, my wife at home, probably playing the piano in the angelic way only she can, my kids, playing with their friends, clients looking forward to our chat later in the day. I asked myself "Did I kiss my boys before they went off in the morning? Did I tell my wife I loved her?" I didn't.... I was tired in the morning, and not being the most peppy morning person in the world, just fluffed it off to being able to tell them those things at bedtime. I hit the car in front of me, with my teeth clenched. Not because I was bracing for impact, but because I had no idea of the outcome of what was about to occur, and I took for granted the fact that my family always knew what I felt about them. I hit her car, my hood and front end buckled and I stopped. I got out of my car without a scratch; her car barely had a dent (although mine was "out of commission". No injuries, amazing since I could have pushed her into oncoming traffic, her wheels were turned to the left. The airbags didn't deploy, as I was told after, that was a good thing. Ninety minutes later I got home and gave my wife the biggest hug I have ever given her. And that was wrong. You see, we leave it to a life-altering event before we really show people how we feel about them. Don't let it happen to you. Who in your life, right now, is special to you? Who are the ones that you assume "know" you care about them? Make a list, and then call them, or email them and tell them so. You will be grateful you did.
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
9 Jan 07
That is so sad, if he opened them sooner maybe they would've made it together.