why teenageres have to have myspace

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January 5, 2007 12:52pm CST
we simply need it. it's a fad that just might Last a minute parents, so get use to. i mean as long as you trust yor kids and they trust you it shouldn't be a problem right. i mean first of all myspace is not thaT bad once you get wat it really is. it offers constant access to your closes friends, a full uplink to your high school questions desires and needs almost immeadiatly and you can search anyone to see what there really about. it shows your personality, deepest feelings and possible regrets. if you wanna kno your kid don't invade their privacy by rampaging their rooms. just get an account and request their friendship. then go on there profile and read them. the biggest issues you could have with your kid are trust and disobedience so TRUST them to get on and they wont DISOBEY you by getting on anyway.
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5 Jan 07
Here's the slight flaw in your plan : No kid I know would EVER, EVER add their parent on myspace. The whole point is to update your FRIENDS on what's happening in your life -- not give your parents more access to your world.
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6 Jan 07
but the thing is no matter what you do if you have enough friends you can never keep track of whos who and the fact of parents requesting the thing is that not all parents trust their kids this way you give your parents a way in and give them a foundation to trust you on
@hiitssomu (657)
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5 Jan 07
looks like good idea, but don't have much info om myspace. i never tried that. what everyone is telling within myspace is that all true ?