Whats the point of topics asking abbreviations?

January 5, 2007 1:50pm CST
I have seen many topics here asking the full forms of abbreviations and they are getting good number of responses. Even I had started such a topic as well to see how it works for me. But don’t you people think its just a way to increase your points and nothing like quality posts.
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• United States
5 Jan 07
Some people just start topics to get money. Unfortunately, those people that are here just to make money look for topics that you dont have to think too much or write to much. I have seen people who have a template formed of three lines that they use every time. The last three lines always read the same and the only one that changes is the first line. Since Mylot pays more for four line answers, they do this to cheat the system.
• Pakistan
5 Jan 07
quite right. thanks.
@humaaaa (1387)
• Pakistan
6 Jan 07
Most of us come here to earn money and for no other reason so for earning more we need to start topics where we get more replies and usually the abreviation discussions are easy for the members to reply so we get more responces on them.