Would you accept money from unlicensed driver who hit your car?

United States
January 5, 2007 2:54pm CST
Today I was hit by a driver who was on learner license (not suppose to be driving by himself) and didn't want to involve the police or the insurance company. There was very little damage to my car which I could easily ignore. He offered me a big chunk of money if I do not report it to the insurance company because he was concerned about being panalized for driving on a learners license. I did not accept the money and told that I will think about it and took his phone number. I took the extamite of the repair and he is offering me 4 times the money then the repair cost. Should I take it? I am tampted to accept it. Is there any libality for me for not reporting him driving without the legal license? Would it be considered a bribe?
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@Darkwing (21586)
5 Jan 07
Well, it's up to you whether you take it or not, but please think about how it would play on your conscience if he were involved in a real accident afterwards and killed one or more people, because you hadn't reported his wreckless, unlicensed driving. I don't think I could live with myself if that happened. Ok, you stand to get more money initially, but what is money compared to somebody's life?