Security blanket or favourite toy ... did you have one?

@ukchriss (2103)
January 5, 2007 8:18pm CST
Thinking back to when I was very young I can remember that I used to have an old blanket that I carried everywhere, a kind of Security blanket... My children each had a favourite stuffed toy animal as their security item which they had to have with them at all times. Now my grand children both have a favourite toy which is never far from their reach. So i was wondering did you ever have anything like this as a child?
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@bigstret (484)
21 Jan 07
I had an old teddy who went everywhere with me for about 6 years or so my mum likes to tell my girlfriedns! lol I still have him, hes at still at mums house!
@ukchriss (2103)
21 Jan 07
Ahhhh thats nice that you still have him Thanks for your reply
@minxy67 (2708)
22 Jan 07
I used to have a blanket that had tassel's all the way around it and was from my pram as a baby, I used to suck my thumb and rub the tasslel's on my nose as a comforter,( I called it my winger. LOL ) the blanket got smaller and smaller over the years and I think my mum actually managed to throw it out when I was about 8 years old. (much smaller and smellier than when I first got it. I would not let me mum wash it.)
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
22 Jan 07
I had a raggedy Anne and Andy blanket. It went everywhere with me until it was litterly falling to pieces. I think I was around six when I had to finally give it up. My niece, who I help raise, had a Tony The Tiger stuffed animal when she was little. She could not go to sleep without it. Heaven help us if we could not find it at all. She out grew him when she was about 5. Now she sleeps with our one cat Angel. Not sure if he classifies as a security blanket or toy but he's in there with her every night.
27 Jan 07
I used to have a fluffy white polar bear which I adored as a child. He was so soft and fluffy and had a removable scarf and wooly hat. I've no idea what happened to him, but I do recall that he started to turn a yellowy colour. I also had a pound puppy called Rover that went everywhere with me, since moving into my own house i've recently been reunited with him as my Mum sent me all the stuff of mine that she had stored in her loft. It's nice to see him again, think he needs a wash though.