Does anyone have problems training their weimaraners???

United States
January 5, 2007 8:26pm CST
I have two weims at home. They are both outside pets. We live on a farm so they have plenty of room to run and have fun. My weims are about two years old now and i have a silver female and a blue male. I tend on breeding them soon. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any problems trying to train their weims?? I have had a terrible time trying to train them. They are so stubborn...... please if you have some advice let me know
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@zubairsk (341)
• India
16 Nov 09
I like Weimaraners very much and they are very cute to see.I have one weim at home and it is about three years old and i love it very much.Every day i take care about these weims and about their food and diet.These weims are similar to dogs and i did not have any problems regarding training their weimaraners.Whenever i went outside i will keep them in a safe place.Weimaraners look cute,funny and pretty looking.
• United States
16 Feb 07
Weims have very dominant personalities and you must secure your spot as the alpha in the household before they will even be remotely cooperative while training. Have you called trainers in your area or even asked trainers at petsmart? Once a weim is set in their ways it can be very difficult to train them, but you must be diligent in your training and not give in if they continually refuse whatever you want them to do. Make a big deal about it when they do things right and do not give them attention when they do things wrong. If you are having such problems with the two you have I would not suggest breeding them. Have you researched breeding weims? Please be responsible about this there are so many weims that are turned in to rescues and shelters every day - help those dogs don't bring more puppies into the world.