Should these parents be punished?

United States
January 5, 2007 10:24pm CST
Parents of a severely mentally and physically handicapped child have stunted her growth to keep her a manageable and portable size. The 9 year old girl's breast tissue and utereus were removed so that she could remain 4 foot 5 inches. Her family says this makes it easier to care for her at home and reduces the risk of bedsores. Should her parents be punished? would you ever consider doing this to your child, if they were mentally and physically handicapped?
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• United States
6 Jan 07
NO! Parents who have a handicapped child understand all the little problems. As child grows into adult hood there not equipment made for them. Or IF you can find it in a large size , insurance will not cover it. You try to find a high chair that will hold 200 lbs.
@ossie16d (11826)
• Australia
6 Jan 07
I understand that this child is severely mentally and physically handicapped and will never be able to care for herself. I do not think that the parents made this decision lightly and if all those who are complaining about it had offered to help the parents, maybe they wouldn't have chosen the way that they did. However, the parents are doing what they consider is right and proper for their daughter. They are the ones who are caring for her 24 hours/day but who will do that if they are no longer able to care for her. Under no circumstances would they have just decided that this is what we will do, but instead I am sure that they gave it much thought, possibly for years. As it is they are caring for this young girl in their own home and have to do everything for her, just as they have from when she was a helpless newborn. To those who criticise this I say "walk a mile in their shoes and then you can judge for yourself plus remember that caring for this child has been for all of her life and will continue for as long as she lives."