How many of you remember when cordless phones first came out?

United States
January 5, 2007 10:38pm CST
Remember how much they cost? I'll never forget people saying they will never last.We have went from cordless phones to cell phones. If my dad where still alive he would marvel at all the technology. I considered myself a modern woman, and I did not understand when older people seemed uneasy about things like microwaves and cordless phones. I remember being yelled at one time by an older gentleman because I asked to use the "phone" instead of telephone!
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• United States
6 Jan 07
I can remember as a child always tripping over the phone cord! Things have certainly changed over the years. Look at the stuff you can do with a cell phone now--take pictures, surf the internet, text message, etc. Technology is amazing.
@onesiobhan (1329)
• Canada
6 Jan 07
The first time I ever saw a portable phone it was the size of a car battery. It ran out of charge in an hour if the owner left it on. Things have really changed. I still kill myself watching shows with the old mobile phones in cars that were the size of a shoe.
• Sri Lanka
6 Jan 07
I can remember cordless phones coming to Sri Lanka in the late 1980s. It was such a marvel, giving us the freedom to carry it around the house and speak from wherever we wanted. It cost around $70 in todays currency exchange rate. The only problem was that you had replace batteries. Then a little after that the mobile phone came in. A phone the size of half a loaf of bread was $900. But today you can buy a more sophisticated tiny one for %90.