What is a quality post?

January 6, 2007 4:03am CST
Hi! I continue to read about earnings on;Too many people have joined here only to earn.. I think that is wrong! It's wrong also the 'quality post' concept.. I think that a 'quality post' could be a discussion created by few words, but they must be significative.. Topics like "Coca o Pepsi" don't help us to communicate! With the actually conditions, too many users write stupid long post with a lot of words and the incredible thing is that other users replies them! We're a community, not a group of child.. PS Sorry for some grammar error!
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• Italy
6 Jan 07
In Italy we say "Unire l'utile al dilettevole", that in English means Joining fun and Earnings, and myLot can be the right way. But, like jak said, if you flood this site with stupid post just to earn something, this project crashes.
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• China
10 Feb 07
I am agreed whith you!