Which is the best and easiest way to avoid bad breath?

Bad breath - Bad breath
By Bala
@balasri (26546)
January 6, 2007 5:22am CST
It is more prevalent these days.
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@wings33 (230)
• United States
7 Jan 07
I would say brushing your teeth, flossing, scraping the tongue, gum and mints, going to the dentist, drink water and watch the foods you eat, If the problem persist I hear that stress is a possible cause, as well as fermenting foods in the stomach. Then you can try those acidophilus supplements or eat yogurt. I also heard that gases coming up from the stomach was a possible cause and nothing could be done about it. So if none of these suggestions work, then it may be the gas coming up from the stomach and just try to do the best you can. You will probably have a lonely life.