January 6, 2007 5:53am CST
Have you been cheated by the supplier when you bought your first computer? I am cheated by my supplier. He supplied me the monitor assembled in another country and to save some money he has cheated me. It is his way of doing business. I came to know when my system stopped working.I phoned up the manufacturing company and they told their services is limited to the products manufactured and assembled in India.This is a multinational company. Then I banged my supplier, went to his office and made a big show.I verbally quarrelled like a street fight. He replaced the monitor with genuine one. Now I have problem with hardware.He says it should be sent to another country and it will take 15 days to replace it!!!. Did you come across such experience anytime?
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• Ukraine
6 Jan 07
I've never been cheated by computer supplier, because I prefer to buy separate PC parts (like CPU, motherboard, memory, HDD, etc.) from different suppliers and assemble my computer (or for my friends) myself. This way I get it cheaper and I can control every part of the future computer.
• India
6 Jan 07
Hi you are lucky.