Johnson's Travel

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January 6, 2007 7:00am CST
Yeah,he's now trying to save some money so that he can afford a very beautiful girlfriend in the near future because he,you know,will be 35 next year and after all this fellow has been single ever since he kissed and parted company with his former plain girl 23 years ago.then and there,John had made up his mind to salt away half of his salary,hoping someday he could win a more smart,intelligent,well-proportioned,and ***y lady as his wife who would be his side all his life... but last week,the relatively well-off bachelor credited the real estate agency's account US$400,000,nearly 70% of his total deposit over the years,for his new apartment,for he thought a decent apartment of one's own is after all a must among the pre-conditions to meet if one desires to win successfully his fancy girl.Now with this all-new apartment in the suburbs of New York city...Mr. John Johnson's longn cherished dream is one big step nearer! Oh, money,money,honey, h... Then,early one morning when i just got to the office,i heard Mr.Johnson greeting me as he walked in,"hey,man,how's your weekend?" "oh,just as boring as the last one.nothing to do, i'd been watching the vidoes again. and you?" i replied listlessly in a prolonged voice. "Well, i went to the Single's Club party on Saturday night." "Oh,really? so you're now thinking of finding yourself a girlfriend? i know you salt way half of your salary each month,buddy.was it much fun?" rejoined i,seemingly more interested in the topic now. "Yeah,just all know,i talked with three young ladies one after another,each for 8 minutes." John's face radiated an inner exhilaration that's seldom seen for long. "okay,let's talk more about it this evening after work.Starbuck Cafe,my treat!" with these words, i stooped to turn on my computer,getting ready to start a new's work.Then,on my desk,i found our department Manager had left me a message yesterday. "Dear translatorbj,please finish those documents by noon when you come to work next Monday,and then call Mr. Kenworthy of the Agricultural Section of Canadian Embassy to confirm their arrival.Thanks!" Two months later,it was time for Mr. Johonson to spend his annual vacation according to the compensation package of the company he had been working for for 12 years since he was graduated from Colorado State University with a major in Education Technology. Several days before he was to start his holiday,from time to time during the course of work he was thinking over where to go this year so that he could make most of this free time of his after a long,busy spell,for he had been to many a place of interest,cities,summer resorts,and relics. Then just two days before he left for his vacation,we met at the door of our company after we had just gone out of the elevator. "Hi,John,where will you go for your vacation this time?" I began to greet him,for i thought i had seen him before he noticed me among all those walking out of the lift, because it seemed i was a bit shorter than those of our colleagues who happened to meet then and there. "I havent made up my mind yet,but maybe i'll consider your hometown far in china.You've told me so much about it,havent you? Now i really want to go and see for myself how it is like." John's voice showed more and more excitement as he talked."Where would you specially recommend to me,if i really go?" "You, man, you can take my word for it.China is your best choice." i grew more excited too as China,my great motherland was mentioned in a foreign land i'd been staying for years in succession,so long that a serious homesickness began to bother me from when i knew not."I'd rather recommend to you the Hot Spring in Donghai County,which is also famous for their crystal products.You can fly to Shanghai and tranfer to Lianyungang,just as i do every time i return home." Photo: Hot Spring and Crystal Products Store in Donghai County, Lianyungang,China It was September 10th,2001 today and on this very day Mr. John Johnson,that all-time curious American bachelor who had long dreamed of visiting China some day though 35 years old already,as a result of my repeated elaboration about the unique mountain sceneries and seaside views of my long-parted hometown Lianyungang back in East China's Jiangsu Province.Upon departure for Shanghai,John just gave me a call before boarding as if to get some reassurance or further tips for his trip from me,"Hey,man,I just feel like calling you before leaving for your hometown.Let me go back to China on your behalf,okay?" At such a moment,he still didnt forget to crack a joke with me,which made me think he must be heartily excited,and i replied,"Sure,thanks in advance for remembering me to all my folks there." "Take care.Till i'm back" "Have a nice trip.Dont forget to visit the Flower and Fruit Mountain to see the..."John hung the phone hastily,for i could hear the airport announcement being broadcast while i was trying to say a bit more,"Passengers,attention, please.Flight No.CA90714 for Shanghai,China is now boarding at Gate 8..." Actually,i had meant to remind him of visiting the Monkey King's home,the Water-Curtained Cave should he go to see the Mountain following my former suggestions for his trip to China.Anyway,he could call me if he was truly at a loss as to where to go while he was already there, or he might as well ask the local tour guides as he liked. Thus thinking,i stopped worrying about John's trip to my long-separated hometown and then began to get ready for going to work,for it was already 8 o'clock in the morning,just one hour before the work time came,and it would take me almost 40 minutes to get to my office by bus and then subway.
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