The power of Mathematics, now-a-days.

January 6, 2007 7:35am CST
Mathematic is the most hated subject in the world. But probably, people don't know that we have computers due to it. But why everybody hates Mathematic?
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• United States
6 Jan 07
Not everyone hates math, we use it in our everyday lives and the art of doing math on paper or in our heads is diminishing quickly with the use of calculators and computers.
• Portugal
6 Jan 07
But that's the point: people only think that mathematic is only arithemetic, in which we only need a computer/calculator. But arithemetic is the probably the show-off of mathematics
@firdut (39)
• Indonesia
17 Sep 09
I think people do not like math because they already think that math is hard to study. but if we study math it will be fun because it's like playing a game.
• Italy
2 Jan 08
Mathematic provides MODELS. That's why it is so important. Everything needs abstraction to function at a certain level of complexity (i.e. computers, power grids, modern buildings) and math is a way of modeling that abstraction. It's theories to simulate the functioning of our brain and complex things in a way that can be handled. Not only numbers and shapes, but real technology: the technology of thought. Everybody hates mathematic (not really everybody, I love it) because it is difficult, abstraction is hostile to most common people lives. Also, in order to learn math at school you cannot leave "holes" into your studies (i.e. you cannot operate derivatives without knowing multiplication).