anger management

January 6, 2007 2:47pm CST
I think a lot of you guys have watched one of the most depressed comedies of all time, "Anger Management". Why do i think it's depressing?! Cause the movie theme is not focused on the subject(the patient) but on the damn psihiatrist!...It's pathetic how the poor dude goes through hell to prove he's love for the woman he loves! And she plays a game on him to motivate and help him concure his fears and what do you know?!..the movie ends up so nice and of course ...with a happy ending..but hey!...they never show the rest do they?... Now...did any of you felt good about the whole ideea? many of you wanted to kill them all for the fact that they would pull something like that on him!?..i know i did!... well...ladies and gentlemen..that's life! long struggle to kiss 'em all "where the sun don't shine" that afterwards..they all repay you with anger management!!.. I gotta sucks!
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