Does anyone still play this game?

United States
January 6, 2007 4:16pm CST
So does anyone still play this game on or LAN or w/e. It's been years since I last played and I just want to know if some people still play. I heard there's been some hacking going on making the game imbalanced. Discuss~
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• Thailand
9 Jan 07
Yes im still playing starcraft, and yes there are some bugs that have arised. A recent patch was released to fix those bugs, try and visit there web site and download the patch. Starcraft is still played and included in the world cyber ganes until now
• United States
1 Feb 07
Yea, I love to play starcraft. My fraternity (I'm an alumni) has a LAN party every term. I think there is always at least a few games of Starcraft during the night. We mostly play the "Big Game Hunter" map. Is that what everybody else does too?
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
I used to play that map too, lots of resources, easy to defend places. Although it tends to become long because of virtually infinite resources
@myl2006 (84)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 07
I still playing this very fund. I start playing this game since 2004. Now it don't have latest version, I don't know why. I download the map from starcraft website to add variety of the map.....kill....killll...
• United States
10 Jan 07
Heh thats pretty cool I actually started playing like a year or so after it came out so 1997-ish I'm not too sure anymore. Anyway all you have to do to get the latest version is log onto, its free and you'll automatically download all the latest patches.
@otters (10)
• United States
22 Aug 07
There is alot of maphackers but blizzard counts the win as a loss
• Pakistan
22 May 07
I really liked that game and still looking to get another copy of it. Hope I'll have one soon :)
@Morticia (419)
11 Feb 07
Yep, no matter how many new games I intall/play, I allways get back to good old Starcraft :}
@ashumit02 (819)
• United States
11 Feb 07
This site is not accessible from my location .I think there is a server problem with this site .So games no longer can be played .
@poppydoo (22)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
Yes, I still play this game. If you connect on a battlenet server, you can see that starcraft has more open games than frozen throne. And its still being hosted as a part of WCG.
• Singapore
8 Feb 07
yupe i am still playing, till today i think its more than 5 years
@tzahe14 (25)
• Israel
6 Feb 07
yes i play it almost every day its my favorite strategy game
@morocz66 (121)
• Romania
31 Jan 07
yes, its probably the best multiplyer strategy game ever made it requires a uge amount of concentration to play a good game . i ilke it .. its just like chess but not so boring :)
@felicas83 (311)
• Ecuador
26 Jan 07
i used to play it on my computer against the computer every time with more difficulty, but then i changed to a mac, and i'm still trying to find the game, but i haven't basically because i don't have too much time on this days, but there is a group in yahoo where some fans of starcraft reunite themselves, and some of then still play on bnet, and continously concern like times and days to play, the link is this if you want,