Jay Z and Nas?

United States
January 6, 2007 9:08pm CST
Is anyone puzzled at the fact that two prominent rappers who were at each others throats just a few years ago are now rapping together? Is this genuine or just marketing tool? Was the beef itself just a huge publicity stunt that was a catalyst for this very situation?
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• Niger
30 May 07
It's a normal situation in this industry...just that most of their fans don't understand those rules and it happens that some pay with their life. Anyway welcome to mylot,all you have to do here is responding to discussions of your interests and start new discussions.But first of all please start by reading and understanding all the rules in here in the FAQ and the About Mylot section down this page. Hope you'll have a great time in here,God bless you.
@illflexx (49)
• United States
30 May 07
I don't think that it was a publicity stunt. These feud started because both artists wanted to become the new king of New York..after Biggie passed. This escalated into a dissing contest. I think two things happened that caused the end of the feud. 1. The beef begun over a useless issue. Thankfully both men are bigger than that and are living legends in their own rights. This brings me to 2. Both men are older, wiser and are making too much money to involve themselves in childish rivalry. That being said, I totally agree with the point made that these feuds, however harmless affect society in often negative ways because of the influence the artists have on the youth.