The 1970's

January 7, 2007 2:45am CST
I know this will only appeal to the older generation on mylot, but what did you love about the 1970's Starsky and Hutch The Jackson Five Donny Osmond David Cassidy Abba The Brady Bunch The Partridge Family The Waltons The Love Boat Fantasy Island Saturday Night Live Happy days The list is endless!!! Do you miss these days or are they best left well behind us???? Check out for all your memories.
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8 Jan 07
I wasn't alive in the 70s but I do like: Abba glitter Adidas bangles Bandana shirts tube tops clogs bikes with banana seats Barbie fashion plates Barbie Country Camper Barbie's pool Blythe dolls Corduroy shirt dresses platform boots peasant blouses roach clip hair clips pumas Ugg boots Atari Charlies Angels Bikes with banana seats Josie and the Pussycats Don't Spill The Beans (game) Holly Hobbit The Mod Squad MASH Sanford and Son "I Think I Love You" (Partridge Family song?) Mork and Mindy The Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday Night Fever Grease The Exorcist A Clockwork Orange John Travolta (he was better in the 70s- now he's a weirdo!) Fleetwood Mac Gary Numan Pink Floyd
9 Jan 07
If you hadn't of said it, I would have thought you were a child of the seventies. That was good to read. Cheers!!!!