love is finding someone, u cant live without...???

@bondgarg (105)
January 7, 2007 4:03am CST
love is not finding someone whom u can live with.. its finding someone.. u cant live without isnt it.. but.. now a days they love just for njoy.. heehehe that s great but.. isnt flirting enough for that task.
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• China
24 Jan 07
Love actually "guide" you to someone you want to be with. The connotation: "I can't live withou him/her" is a fallacy. You don't use love for your personal use but you use it to give satisfaction to others. What if you found someone that you trully love and that person eventually left you? What will you do? Kill yourself because you can't live without him/her? Die in depression? You can't force someone to love you. You can't force someone not to leave you. Then you must learn. Learn from your mistakes. Don't nail yourself to just one person. If you say that "you can't live without him/her" then it is just like saying that your world revolves around him/her. If he/she leaves you, then cry for a few days but you must learn to let go for Love is Kind and understanding. Go out and find someone who will love you back again. Do not be fooled that love believes that you cant exists without someone. Love already exists before you were born. Love expanded to more love and love was created for others. Then, why do you say that "you can't love without him/her" when love is all around you... This is my opinion.