anybody know the easiest way to make your own sun dried tomatoes?

Tomatoes - I'd like to start making my own sun dried tomatoes
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January 7, 2007 6:54am CST
I've done a lot with all the tomatoes I grow in the summer, but I'd like to make my own sun dried tomatoes. Can it be done in a dehydrator? What are the best type of tomatoes to use? How will I know when they are ready? I need some advise from someone who's done this before.
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7 Jan 07
LoL, another question I didn't know the answer to, so I did a search. (I hate for my friends to have questions with no response) here's the site I found: hope this helps. they sound yummy ;)
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8 Jan 07
hey thanks!....i've gone to that website before for some things, never thought to look there!...sounds easy enough, just have to make me some screens before summer, and i've done that plenty enough...i'll let you know how they come out!
@GreenMoo (11836)
2 May 08
I slice my tomatoes thinly, then lay on trays in the sun. Fat tomatoes are best slices into multiple slices, but cherry tomatoes are great just cut in half. Then I leave them i the sun covered in a thin piece of material to keep away insects, turning when they look like they need it and bringing in at night. You can either store them in paper bags or airtight jars, but what is really nice is to pop them in a jar with olive oil.