seeking similar games to starcraft

@shomomo (850)
January 7, 2007 10:09am CST
I'm searching for games that are like Starcraft, such as Warcraft but more sophisticated, anyone got an advice?
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7 Jan 07
why dont you try the world of warcraft. its quite good apparently
@shomomo (850)
• Israel
7 Jan 07
It's expensive and has a monthly cost, I don't want to continue paying on my gaming all the time
@Destiny007 (5819)
• United States
24 Jan 07
You could try Warcraft3. The graphics are much better then 1 and 2 with a fairly smooth storyline. C&C and the Red Alert series are good, although the graphics are dated, and you would have to find a patch for Win XP. Tiberium Sun and Tiberium Sun Firestorm are pretty good, have good graphics and work with Win XP. I seem to recall that EA Games has the entire first 10 years of C&C on DVD for about $40, and has been modified to where the games work on Win XP without needing a patch. My understanding is that when those games were ported over, that for some reason the lead-in videos were left out although the actual game is still intact. I haven't been following the new stuff, so can't help there.
@myl2006 (84)
• Malaysia
13 Jan 07
You can try command & conquer. It a strategy game with many side, add on and version. I start playing this game since 1998.
• Malaysia
9 Jan 07
Do u ever try Warlord:battlecry II/III. Try this game and give your comment.