why are nurse aides underpaid?

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January 7, 2007 10:28am CST
I have been a nurse aide for years i am a stay at home mom now but I have to tell you though nurse aide work is rewarding they are severly underpaid. It is a physical job and sometimes in nursing homes it is 10 people to 1 aide. They have to wash,dress,escort them to activities pass out breakfast,lunch and dinner as well as answer call bells when they are in need. And nurse aides are usually the ones who report the condition of the patient to the nurses. Not to mention there are some really good nurses but some nurses look down at the nurse aide at talk down to them. It is also the nurse aide who usually determines the state of mine the patient is it and what I mean by that is the aides are usually the first people the residents see in the morning so the attitude of the nurse aide usually determines the mind set of the resident throughout the day. The resident often tell their problems to the aides and we listen. They need to get a pay up there with the nurses. Yes we could go back to school but someone has to do the job and not to mention if you already have children it has become difficult to go back to school for nursing. The hours for nursing school seem to fit people without kids or a job though some sacrifice with the support of family members.
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7 Jan 07
I feel for you. My wife had the same problem for years until she went back to school. That is what it's really all about, education. You could try getting a job in a hospital. The patient per aide ratio is lower and the pay cap is higher. Of course, in the end, education is the only answer in the health care field.