The President of the US, 9/11 Attack,Iraq and the American Soldiers

January 7, 2007 1:35pm CST
I watched a documentary on HBO about the 9/11 attack and how the US attacked Iraq and how teenagers are being recruited to become soldiers in the US. Does Bush have something to do with the 9/11 attack? I guess he does..because he didn't want to investigate further on what happened and blamed it all on terrorist...What do you guys think? And why did he have to attack Iraq? They didn't do anything he's just pointing his finger on them on what happened to the 9/11 attack...Why does he have to have the US troops kill so many civilians? They showed in this documentary a small child killed in this war...1 yr old I think.. What did this child do to get this death to come to her? And the marines recruiting teenagers on the street to become soldiers? Why? Are they running out of soldiers thats why they are recruiting teenagers just to have them killed in Iraq? I feel sorry for what happened to the Iraqi people. Do you think Bush would allow his children to serve the US marines to fight for their country? Nah...not even the men in congress in that documentary don't want to allow their kids to join..They are heartless people who doesn't care even if a little baby gets killed...I pity the way this people rule a big country but they themselves don't have a heart and the courage to protect the civilians. They simply just don't care...
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