real madrid-cassano!!!

cassano - cassano
@lumanci (1111)
January 7, 2007 2:30pm CST
"I need of affection, of esteem, of to hear loved myself and considered mattering. Here it there is not nothing of everything that. And without these things I do not go". I polish, frank: it a question of simple courtesy sufficed, "How it goes?", expressed in the hall of the train that it carried the Real to Seville to make go out feelings and resentments. "Here they removed me the smile, but alone the sporty one. That it is mattering, but not vital. Soccer however in this moment I is not more I. Hair? When it went away from Rome I defended it, and the thing I have cost several, to human level and economical. I was compelled to go away. Often it spoke well of me, but I blundered an entry and did me outside". The entry in matter is Getafe-Real, lost 1-0 from the Madrid, past october 14. They erase official, replaced to the end of the first time. Since then not even a minute in the Liga. "In at least ten entries I have heated without to enter, I remember myself them all. And yet I lost 8 kilos, I have pledged. Now it is difficult, those that they are playing they do it well, I for the attack are the last choice, I have a bag of people before me. However, excluded Ronaldo that is of a superior level, with the other technically delivery to the equal one, at least". The analysis, or autoanalisi is almost ruthless. It polishes also the evaluation of the situation of market: "The inter and the Milan? The first play well, the seconds have several problems to resolve, and did not say that is I the solution". For the other it is outside market: They erase it has a rich contract (4,2 net millions of euro to season) and long (expiration in 2010).
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