Real World - Denver

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January 7, 2007 5:54pm CST
Do you have a favorite from this seson yet? I don't have a favorite yet, but I am enjoying this season very much. Which hasn't happened in quite some time.
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5 Mar 07
My favorite is definitely Jenn because she reminds me of me so much! Not that I'm a drunk lol but I am a big-mouthed party girl who get's myself into trouble like all the time because of my big mouth! And we're both not scared of anyone (although I am 5'11" so why would I be scared of anyone anyways! and she's probably just about 5'5"-5'6"). She tells it how it is and that's one of my biggest flaws! lol She's dumb but she's my favorite!
@SarahEC (545)
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10 Jan 07
Well, my favorite is Brooke. She is a little crazy but I like her way better than the other two hoe-bags. lol. And most of the guys are cringe-worthy to me. I just don't really like anyone on this cast. Oh well, I'll still be watching every week! lol.
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9 Jan 07
I actually have a favorite. I been watching some it. Come to find out that Colie was the favorite. Everybody else has a serious problem. Especially the anxiety girl.
@sedel1027 (17851)
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8 Jan 07
I have only seen 3 episodes of this season. I did enjoy when they two guys had the huge argument. The last episode (may be the newest) when they started at the outdoor training was a good one too. The one girl who started over coming her fears and showing everyone who she is behind all of the primping. I think that is what the show should be more about, people coming out of their shells.
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8 Jan 07
Once again, I'm one of those people who sees it on the run or misses it every so often and can't keep up with it. I did see it, enjoyed it... and wow, as usual they have major drama! lol Of course the house is to die for!