how did you met you friend?tell us you story

January 7, 2007 9:01pm CST
my black cat showed up in our doorstep when he was still a kitten.. we fed him with milk and food. spoiled him like our baby dog too. both of them grew up together and became close friend. imagine the dog o a leash a cat side by side when my father walks them. this cat is so playful that he always end up in trouble. he would go to the roof and could never go time he was paralyzed for going outside. instead of abandoning him i fix him food gave him milk and vitamins for him to gain his strength indeed after 2 weeks his back with his own four feet. my dad had a bypass surgery and was somewhat in a danger state because of complications i went home gave food to my cat and dog and sleep.. when i wake up in the morning my cat died in an unknown accident afterwards i went to the hospital and found that my dad is ok.. do you believe that?sometimes they say you pets took their life to give someone you love..what can you say?
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